Lotsbetrieb GmbH MV

Our company, Lotsbetrieb GmbH Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, is a “taxi at sea”. Founded on 10 November 1992, we have been the first private pilot transfer company on the German Baltic Sea coast since 1995 and now also serve pilots on the North Sea at various stations. Boats specifically designed for carrying pilots to and from the vessel they help navigate are used to ensure that the service is provided safely and efficiently in all seasons and even in inclement weather. We also offer crew transfers to offshore and wind farms, we transport service engineers, inspectors, visitors and surveyors as well as brokers to roadsteads and ships at work and are also available for fast and urgent spare part deliveries around the clock.

Should the winter become too severe, we are still able to transfer the pilots with our icebreaking tugboat or to take over other tasks in winter as well as in summer.

Please contact us -  Whenever you need to get on board and whenever something is needed on