Fuel station

Lotsbetrieb GmbH MV has committed itself to making its own contribution to environmental protection. In the first stage, all boats have been equipped with modern, fuel-efficient and low-emission engines from Volvo Penta.

In the second step we decided to only use the environmentally friendly fuel GTL. GTL is a Shell product. It offers the potential to improve local air quality by reducing local emissions (PM, NOx).

Our fleet makes a contribution to better air quality in our environment. Shell GTL Fuel is a drop-in fuel that can be used to refuel existing diesel vehicles without modifications or vehicle investments. Shell GTL Fuel is non-toxic, almost odorless, easily biodegradable and offers a lower potential hazard compared to conventional diesel fuel.

For our own security of supply with GTL, we operate our new GTL fuel filling station for boats and watercrafts in Rostock. It has a capacity of 40,000 liters GTL and can supply boats with 150 Liter per min.

The operation of the fuel station is ensured almost 100% by renewable energies in the form of high-performance solar cells and wind generators. Commercial operators of ships and watercraft, authorities, etc. are also invited to bunker at our gas station and to make your contribution to environmental protection with us.

For private customer / leisure boats we intend to provide GTL fuel by the near future.